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Astel | FZ5 – Cubed Ice Maker Machine

The FZ5 Cubed Ice Maker was built with stainless steel material around the idea of meeting customer’s requirements for a medium amount of ice with a medium capacity for ice storage. Features an added side panel with LED display.

Features: Computer real-time monitoring; Automatic detection and restoration if water line fails or electricity is unavailable for some time; Easy to operate; Safe and reliable special modular type design, with easy to clean access.



● The use of high-quality stainless steel shell makes this ice maker corrosion-resistant and durable with a stand-alone integrated structure made compact and simple to save space.

● The cabinet insulation is made of fluorine-free foam with good insulation.

● The tank is fluorine-free antibacterial and energy saving.

● Uses high-quality and efficient R404a fluorine-free compressor.

● The ice-making process uses the entire computer program control system for reliability.

● The use of two Italian reducers results in an ice maker with low noise, and smooth and reliable operation. The top of the ice machine includes cooling holes and fans to ensure that the reducer motor is still able to function in high-temperature harsh conditions.

● The patented technology of the cavity compartment type ice-making evaporator, refrigeration efficiency, ice production capacity.

● The unique water tank floatation system ensures that there is no residual water, no de-icing process, and no water loss.

● Full ice display, water display, undercooling protection display, fault warning display, and other protective shutdown functions. FZ Ice machine will automatically shut down in the event of a water shortage and automatically reboot when the water returns, with automatic memory recovery.

● The front is equipped with a power switch and function indicator, with detailed operating instructions, the use of intuitive convenience, the safety indicators are tested for electrical performance, safety, and security.

Model: FZ5
Ice Output/24h: 60kg
Ice Store: 27kg
Power: 220V/420W
Dimensions/(L*W*H): 500*560*840mm

● Hospitals.
● Schools.
● Laboratories.
● Research Institutes.
● Supermarket Food Preservation.
● Bars
● Fishing.
● Refrigeration.
● Medical Applications.
● Chemicals.
● Food Processing And Other Industries.

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Ice Type:

Ice Cubed, Crushed Ice, Crescent Ice